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STEP #1: 
Get Familiar With the Student Testing Interface 

--> Student Interface for SBAC Overview


--> Overview of the Universal Tools available to students



STEP #2:
Introduce SBAC Testing to Students


--> Overview to CCSS Video

--> CDE Overview to CCSS Video

--> CDE Overview of Smarter Balanced Testing




STEP #3:
Introduce Chromebooks to Your Students

--> Intro to Chromebooks

--> Moving Around the Classroom with Chromebooks


(Students log-in for Chromebooks) - (Example:

(Password for Chromebooks) -
Same as their computer log-in at school



STEP #4:
Have Your Students Try Practice Test From
SBAC Online Website

You can now use the Secure Browser to do
SBAC Practice Testing

(Now working on Chromebooks & any EGUSD Computer)


--> SBAC Practice and Training  (Student Link)

--> SBAC Practice and Training (Test Admin's Link)

(Use Chromebooks or
Schedule Computer Lab or Library Time)



STEP #5:
Watch the Test Administrator's
training video & support handoug


--> Test Administration Overview


--> Test Administrator's Step-by-Step Guide



STEP #6:
Review Info for Performance Tasks


--> Contact Sindy Trieu to find out specific 
Performance Task assignment

--> Link to Performance Task Materials


STEP #7:
(Optional) - Do Practice Performance Task Activities with Your Students


--> "Practice" Performance Tasks & Scoring Guide Online Resources



STEP #8:
Test out your Test Administrator
log-in user name and password

(Make Sure Everything Works!)

You will be receiving an email from SBAC later with your temporary password.  You will need to reset your password before you can access the SBAC Field Test Teacher Portal website.


--> Active Link Coming Soon!


STEP #9:
Confirm Your Scheduled Testing Window Dates


--> 2016 KAMS Testing Schedule


--> Chromebook Carts and Computer Lab Schedule

( If you have any questions about the schedule please check with Sindy Trieu)


Please make sure you plan ahead so you are ready to do SBAC testing with your students.  You will need to plan ahead to do practice SBAC sessions with your students prior to your scheduled testing dates.   The tentative schedule is listed below:


--> 2016 KAMS Testing Schedule


--> Chromebook Carts and Computer Lab Schedule

( If you have any questions about the schedule please check with Sindy Trieu)

SBAC Scheduling

How long will I need to plan for SBAC Testing?  This is the official breakdown of how long the testing for SBAC will take.

--> Estimated Testing Time Chart



Digital Library Resource

* Before accessing the SBAC Digital Library make sure you have reset your password within 7 days after receiving an email from Smarter Balanced Digital Library

--> Digital Library User Registration Guide 
      (Must view in Google Chrome Browser)


--> Digital Library Teacher Log-In Link



Online Practice & Training Tests

* Please make sure you review the "Practice and Training Test Guide" before having your students start the online SBAC practice test.

--> CAASPP 2015/16 Teacher (TA) Steps - Practice & Training Test Guide

--> CAASPP 2015/16 Student Steps - Practice & Training Test


--> Practice and Training Online Link



Practice Performance Tasks & Scoring Guides

These are "Practice Performance Tasks" you can use with your students.  Scoring guides are also provided for your reference.

--> "Practice" Performance Tasks & Scoring Guide Online Resources



You will need to be familiar with the "Test Administrator's" directions on how to administer the online SBAC testing to your students.  Watch the online overview to get comfortable with how it works.


--> Test Administration Overview


--> CAASP 2016 Online Test Administrator's Guide