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10th Grade High School Portfolio

Purpose of the High School Portfolio

 The purpose of the High School Portfolio: 

  1. A collection of material that represents student growth, strengths, and plans for the future 
  2. A guide for the High School Portfolio oral presentation 
  3. Material to be used as a reference for jobs and/or college. 

Best Work Reflection Window Appeal Process

Students will be granted a two week window  from the time that Reflection Window grades are posted on School Loop to appeal their grade. Students can either send an email to the Portfolio Coordinator stating his/her situation or report the appeal to the VP's office. Notification of the outcome of the appeal will be sent to the student's  School Loop email. Appeals received after the two week window will not be investigated and the student's grade will remain a No Pass for the quarter.

10th Grade High School Portfolio Requirement

Your High School Portfolio will be an ever-changing reflection of you over the course of your four years attending Pleasant Grove High School. It is important that you save all of your Portfolio documents in a safe place at home starting in the ninth grade.  Some of these documents include Kuder assignments, Summative Letters, Best Work assignments, and Reflection Windows.  Once each term,  you will be required to submit a Best Work  Reflection Window using Google Forms. Instructions for submitting your Reflection Window are included on this webpage.   You will also receive instructions on how to complete a Reflection Window and successfully submit it  in your Advocacy class. Your reflection window can be based on assignments, projects, tests-whatever you feel exemplifies your best work.   In addition to these items, you can also reflect on significant life experiences, awards, and recognitions that occurred during this school year.  A total of six Reflection Windows, accompanied by the Best Work assignment, are required in your final Portfolio. The breakdown for Best Work Reflection Windows is as follows: two that represent growth, two that represent strengths, and two that connect to your future plans and goals. Additionally, at least two of the six must be from 9th, 10th, or 11th grade and at least two of the six must be academic in nature. At the end of your senior year, your Portfolio will be examined by the PGHS faculty and staff who will score it based on a rubric.


Reflection Window Instructional Video

How to submit your reflection window

Go to your School Loop Portal and find the Reflection Window Assignment in your list of upcoming assignments.


Or, just click here to go the the Reflection Window Form



Here are the three prompts that you will be asked to write to:


Reflection Window Prompts

1.  Using a minimum of 5 well developed sentences, describe why you selected this item as one of your “best works.”

2.  Using a minimum of 5 well developed sentences, describe the purpose of the assignment AND what you learned from it.

3. Using a minimum of 5 well developed sentences, describe how this assignment relates to the "Reflection Category" (Strength, Growth, or Future Plans) you selected for this best work


Make sure that you use a valid Email address.  You will receive your completed Reflection Window form at the email address you have entered on that form. 

In order to avoid losing your responses due to technical difficulties, it is recommended that you type up your responses in a separate word processor and then copy and paste your responses into the form. 

10th Grade Portfolio Due Dates


Due Date Assignment  
November 17, 2016 Best Work Reflection Window #1 Due Submit via Google Forms
February 23, 2017 Best Work Reflection Window #2 Due Submit via Google Forms
March 23, 2017 Summative Letter Due (Electronic Submission) Submit via Google Forms
March 30, 2017 Summative Letter Due (Hard Copy) Due in Advocacy
May 4, 2017  Community Service Hours Due in Advocacy