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Google Prof Development


1)  Workshop Agenda


2)  Guidelines for Today


3) Sample Files - Please Click and Download

*  Student Letter

*  Overdue List

*  Dewey Decimal Powerpoint


4) Using Shortcuts in Google Drive

*  Keyboard Shortcuts


5) Student Simulation Activity

*  Google Practice Document


6) Sharing Explained

         *  Description of Google Sharing


7) Sharing Activity

*   Sharing Practice Activity (Individually)

*   Share Your Favorite Book (Whole group)


8) Library Promotion Practice Document

* November Library Flyer (Template)


* FINAL November LIbrary Flyer


9) Workshop Reflection/Evaluation

* Self Reflection/Evaluation Survey



Google Docs Basics (#1)

1)  Google Docs Basics Agenda

2) Overview of Google Docs Video


** Google Docs Examples & Tutorials

3)  Practice Files

     MLA Format Explained

     Parent Letter

     Intro PowerPoint

     21st Century Learning PDF File


4) Google Docs Video

     Sample YouTube Video


5) Google Docs Templates

      Templates Lib -


6)  Workshop Reflection


Google Sharing Basics (#2)

** Google Sharing Tutorial


1) Google Sharing Agenda

2) Overview of Google Sharing Video

3) Warm Up Activity

4) Guidelines to guide students for collaboration

5) Practice Sharing Activity #1

        Limmerick Sharing Assignment

6) Teacher's Virtual IN-BOX

       Submit Your Completed Assignment

7) Ticket Out the Door

        - Period 1

        - Period 2

        - Period 3

8) Practice Sharing Activity #2
        Famous People Google Slide Assignment

9) Article Supporting Google Apps for Educ


Google Sharing CONT (#3)

1)  Google Sharing Agenda


2)  Overview of Google Sharing Video


3) Guidelines to guide students for Collaboration


4) Practice Sharing Activity #1
Poetry Lesson Plan

5) Practice Sharing Activity #2
        Poetry Sharing Assignment

6) Practice Sharing Activity #3
        Famous People Google Slide Assignment

7) Other Sample Sharing Activities
        Math Assignment
        Social Studies Assignment

8)  Workshop Reflection

Google Slides BASICS (#4)





































Google Forms Basics (#5)

1)  Google Forms Agenda

2) Overview of Google Forms Video


* * Google Form Examples & Tutorials


3) Example Google Forms

      Pre-Assessment Questions

      Prime and Composite Numbers Quiz

      Equivalent Fraction Quiz

      Igneous Rock Assessment

      Muscle Assessment


4) Take Sample Forms Assessment

     Sample Quiz

5) More Google Form Resources

      Google Form Templates

      10 Great Free Google Forms

      Time Saving Ways to Use Google Forms


6)  Workshop Reflection

      Self-Reflection Form

Google Add-Ons (#6)

Google Classrm Basics (#7)

Using Google Apps for Assessment

Sample Pre-Assessment

* Math PreTest


Sample Ticket Out the Door

 * Blank Ticket out the Door

 * Completed Ticket out the Door


Sample Quizzes  

* Sample Quiz

* Prime and Composite Numbers Quiz

* Equivalent Fraction Quiz

* Muscle Assessment


Sample SBAC Practice Quiz

 * Igneous Rock Assessment