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Internet Search Tips

When to use a Search Engine:   Search engines are best at finding unique keywords, phrases, quotes, and information buried in the full-text of web pages. Because they index word by word, search engines are also useful in retrieving tons of documents. If you want a wide range of responses to specific queries, use a search engine.

When to use a Meta Search Engine:  Use metasearchers when you are in a hurry. Metasearch engines are useful in obtaining a quick overview on a subject and/or unique term.  Use metasearchers when you are conducting a relatively simple search and also when you are not having any luck pulling up documents in your search.

When to use a Search Directory:   Like the yellow pages of a telephone book, subject directories are best for browsing and for searches of a more general nature. They are good sources for information on popular topics, organizations, commercial sites and products. When you'd like to see what kind of information is available on the Web in a particular field or area of interest, go to a directory and browse through the subject categories.

Capitalize all names and titles.
Ex:  Martin Luther King Jr.

Use double quotation marks around words that you want to appear together.
Ex: "White House"

Put a plus sign (+) before words you would like to include in your search.
Ex: football +Packers

Put a minus sign (-) to make sure the word does not appear in your search.
Ex: recipes -broccoli


Looking for specific words use intitle:_____ in your search.
Ex:  intitle: Teens

Search Engines



Meta Search Engines



Search Directories