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Biomedical Academy

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Biomedical Academy Locker

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Apply for the Biomedical Academy

1) Complete the online application beginning January 27 at .

2) Request 3 teachers to write a recommendation on your behalf.  First approach the teacher in person and kindly ask if they will write you a recommendation.  If he/she says yes, then email the following link,  Then, write him/her a thank you letter after the tryout.

3) Choose one try out date: Tuesday 2/21, Wednesday 2/22, Friday 2/24, Monday 2/27, Tuesday 2/28.

4) Show up to HP2 at 3:25pm for check in, then the tryout lasts from 3:30-4:30pm.

Tryout Schedule

Below is the list of students and their tryout schedule dates.  Names appear in the order in which applications were received.  Please go to PGHS room HP2.  Check in will begin at 3:20pm



Makaena Jones Friday 2/24, Monday 2/27
Natalie Arredondo Tuesday 2/21
Christine Nguyen Friday 2/24
Stephanie Huerta Friday 2/24
Justin Dang Tuesday 2/28
Damarisly Arriola Friday 2/24
Breighlyn Madsen Friday 2/24
Imren More Friday 2/24
Navnit Budwal Friday 2/24
Jamie Wong Friday 2/24
Eliana Cuevas Tuesday 2/21
Ariella Vue Tuesday 2/28
Avinna Jain Friday 2/24
Jordan Vigel Wednesday 2/22
Emily Trieu Friday 2/24
Ejazullah Elias Tuesday 2/21
Noura Mahmoud Friday 2/24
Vanessa Dang Friday 2/24
Gurleen Cheema Friday 2/24
Aleaa Rana Friday 2/24
Natalie Liang Friday 2/24
Yanshuang Chen Friday 2/24
Hailey Schwartz Friday 2/24
Jenna Grovhoug Friday 2/24
Lauren Hoofard Monday 2/27
Karina Sahota 2/24/2017, rescheduled to Tues 2/21
Anabella Delmundo Monday 2/27
Tonio Trujillo-Anderson Wednesday 2/22
Lauryn Reza Wednesday 2/22
Steven Nguyen Wednesday 2/22
Shaila Prasad Wednesday 2/22
Austin Warouw 2/24/2017, rescheduled Wed 2/22
Kayla Hoang 2/24/2017, rescheduled to Wed 2/22
Jaylene Nguyen 2/24/2017, rescheduled to Wed 2/22
Reese Dunn Tuesday 2/21
Tyler Truong Tuesday 2/21
Alexis Scott Friday 2/24, rescheduled to Mon 2/27
Samuel Kim Friday 2/24, rescheduled to Mon 2/27
Madeline LeClaire Wednesday 2/22
James Egan Wednesday 2/22
Amelia Nguyen Monday 2/27
Eleanor White Friday 2/24, rescheduled to Tues 2/21
Madison Stark Wednesday 2/22
Amber Kwong Friday 2/24, reschedule Mon 2/27
Jaeden Palmquist Friday 2/24, rescheduled Tuesday 2/28
Christina Nguyen Monday 2/27
Chou Lee Wednesday 2/22, Monday 2/27, Tuesday 2/28
Hady Liu Wednesday 2/22
Danielle Enero Tuesday 2/28
Nikole Su 2/24/2017, rescheduled 2/28
Tyler Christiansen Tuesday 2/28
Jeremy Saetern Friday 2/24, rescheduled Tuesday 2/28
Danielle Herrera Wednesday 2/22
Redeeta Raisa Wednesday 2/22
Freshta Mehrpore Tuesday 2/21
Ashley Grossi Friday 2/24, Monday 2/27
Nabiha Fatima Friday 2/24, Monday 2/27, Tuesday 2/28
Benjamin Hoang Monday 2/27
Jason Nguyen Tuesday 2/21
Esther Guo Tuesday 2/28
Lianne Valera Monday 2/27
Norman Lam Monday 2/27
Emma Starkey Tuesday 2/28
T'naji Brown Tuesday 2/28
Addan Rizwan Tuesday 2/28
Vanessa Cortes Tuesday 2/21
Yulissa Gonzalez Tuesday 2/21
Saferrah Mansfield Tuesday 2/28
Veronica Villarruel Tuesday 2/28
Faith Eke Tuesday 2/28
Lynea Garque-Urbano Tuesday 2/28
Ryan Smith Monday 2/27
BoiA Nguyen-Sanh Tuesday 2/21
Darren Van Monday 2/27
Brooke Nguyen Tuesday 2/28
Stacy Phillips Tuesday 2/28
Arianna Gip Tuesday 2/21
Angelo Edralin Monday 2/27
Savannah Yearwood Tuesday 2/28
Jason Dodson Tuesday 2/21
Evelyn Dang Monday 2/27
Vyvyan Tran Monday 2/27
Davis Le Monday 2/27
Melissa Garcia Tuesday 2/28

Emperor Science Award for Cancer Research

Do You Love Science?

Enter the Emperor Science Award program for a chance to work with a mentoring scientist to explore the world of cancer research.  Go to the following website for more information,


No news posted

Requirements & Expectations

In order for students to sustain active membership in the Academy they are expected to maintain the following:

  • Minimum of 80% participation (example: attend 80% of meetings each school year).
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Take academy courses each year
  • Good behavioral standing with NO suspensions
  • Senior Portfolio requires  2 academy projects

Any student failing to meet the above academy standards is at risk for being placed on academy probation.  When a student goes on academy probation they must meet with the academy coordinator and staff to discuss any issues jeopardizing their membership.  The student will also sign a contract outlining their plan to become a member in good standing again. 

Staff Directory

Cochon, Ponciano
Science Teacher
Doiron, Michelle
Vice Principal
Grovhoug, Dawn
Counselor Sl-Z
Waterstradt, Brianna