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Where do I direct my Community Service questions?

To apply for community service click on the link above.

The approval of community service hours is handled through PGHS administration. Click on the above link to apply for approval of your hours. Please see the information on this page for the community service definition and examples of activities that count and do not count for community service. If you still have questions about activities that count for community service, please contact Mrs. Keplinger or Dr. van Brenk in the VP's office.

What is the process of submitting my completed hours?

Once you have completed your hours for a given activity, please submit your completed Prior Approval Form to your Advocacy teacher, keeping a copy for your records. 

Community Service Due Dates 2015-2016 School Year

Community Service Hour Due Dates:

9-11th grades: May 5, 2016

12th grade: March 3, 2016


Remember, hours will not be accepted after the due date.

Community Service Hour Information

Prior Approval Form Timeline

Prior Approval Forms must be submitted within two weeks after the completion of an event. Remember, the idea behind the prior approval process is to submit your activity PRIOR to completing it to ensure that it meets the community service criteria. Prior Approval Forms submitted after the two week window will not be granted and your activity will not count towards the community service requirement.

Community Service Instructional Video

Community Service Definition

Community Service Definition:

Community Service is a non-remunerated activity (student cannot receive payment, credit, reward or other compensation for services

rendered) whereby a student provides a needed service that directly benefits our community through a professional non-profit organization.

Community Service must take place during non-instructional hours. 

*Hours completed for a family member do not count for community service.

Examples of Approved Community Service Activities

The following organizations offer volunteer opportunities for youth. Contact them if you are interested in volunteering. All activities much be pre-approved in order to receive credit.


Loaves and Fishes                                         Girl Scouts

Sacramento Zoo                                             Lap Cats Rescue

Filipino Chamber of Commerce                      Special Olympics

Edna Batey Elementary School                      Elk Grove CSD

Boy Scouts of America                                   Sacramento Children's Home Fundraiser

Sacramento Public Library                             Elk Grove Garden Club

Rock Church Youth Group                             Multiple Sclerosis Walk

ACC Senior Services                                      Summerfest

Wilton Memorial Rose Garden                       Grace Community Church

The American River Parkway Foundation      Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove

Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation    SPCA

Blood Source                                                   Young Life

Chicks in Crisis                                                Simple loaf of Bread

Consumnes River Little League Snack Bar     Classy INC

and Umpiring                                                    The American River Parkway Foundation

Ronald McDonald House                                  Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation

Blood Source                                                     

Elk Grove United Methodist Church                  

Elk Grove Wackford Blood Drive                        

Christ International Fellowship Center

Fall Carnival at Dillard Elementary School

Junior Eagles 8U Cheerleading Coach

Christian Sandlot Organization Youth Baseball Clinic

APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs)

EGUSD Endowment and Scholarship for LGBT fundraising

Karla J. Williams Non-Profit for Women with Cancer

AVID Peer Tutoring

Heart and Stroke Walk

CYBL (California Youth Basketball League) coach

Archangel Michael Food Closet

Elk Grove Food Bank

Interact Club activities

Key Club activities

City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation

Martin Luther King Jr. 365 VSP Clinic Tours and Information

Community Service Requirement


Completion of community service hours is not a requirement of the High School Portfolio or graduation; however, it is worth ten points towards your final High School Portfolio grade.  Also, students who meet the community service requirement for their  9th/10th, 11th, and 12th grade will be recognized with a community service honor cord to be worn at graduation. Students must attend PGHS for three out of four years to be eligible to earn a cord, unless they provide proof of their completion of a minimum of 55 hours of community service completed at their prior school AND the hours must meet the PGHS community service definition.


Students must receive prior approval for their activity before completing it to ensure that it meets the established community service criteria. Click here to submit your Prior Approval Form.  The Prior Approval Form is also located on this website on the homepage under Quick Links. Once  students' hours are approved, he/she will receive a copy of their Prior Approval Form via email. Upon completion of their activity, students are required to get a signature from their supervisor and submit the form to their Advocacy teacher by the due date.You should receive a response within 7 days. If you do not receive a response or have questions about community service, please make an appointment with Mrs. Keplinger or Dr. van Brenk, who are located in the VP Office.


Additionally, if you meet all of your Community Service Requirements, you will receive 10 points (full credit) on the 100 point Senior Portfolio grade. If you complete 2 of the 3 years, you will receive 6 points, and if you only complete 1 of the 3 years, you will still earn 3 out of 10 points on your final High School Portfolio grade.







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Community Service Requirement by Grade Level

Grade Level Minimum Hour Requirement Due Date
9th & 10th grade 10 hours cumulative May 4, 2017
11th grade 20 hours May 4, 2017
12th grade 25 hours March 2, 2017

* Community service hours are due on the above due date. Prior Approval Forms will not be accepted after the due date if students intend for them to count for the current school year.

*Students must complete a total of 55 hours AND meet the hour requirement each year to be eligible for an honor cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony.

*A student must be enrolled at PGHS for their 9th or 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years to be eligible for a  honor cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony.

Summer Hours

Remember, hours completed over the summer count towards your total for the next school year...

*Incoming 9th graders can complete community service hours during the summer prior to their freshman year as long as you receive prior approval through the online process.

Looking for ways to earn Community Service Hours?

If you are interested in joining a club on campus focused on serving the community, contact:

Mrs. Lokka, Student Services, Interact Club Adviser

Mr. McCrystle,  Ms. Shoop and Mrs. Walker, English teachers, Key Club Advisors