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Today: 5/25/17

High School Portfolio Locker

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PGHS High School Portfolio

Welcome to the High School Portfolio section of the PGHS Website.  This site contains several resources and timelines to support you in  producing a high quality Portfolio and Senior Presentation.  Keep checking this page often as new items will be continually added and timelines are also subject to change. 

As you prepare your High School Portfolio there are three key people on this campus that are here to assist you through the process:

  • Your Advocacy Teacher
  • Your English 12 Teacher
  • Ms. Keplinger or Dr. vanBrenk PGHS Portfolio Co-Coordinators (Located in the VP's office)

High School Portfolio Updates

Important High School Portfolio updates for the 2016-2017 school year:

  1. Remember to store all of your Portfolio Assignments at home instead of in your Advocacy class. This includes such things as: Best Work Samples and Reflection Windows, Summative Letters, Kuder Assignments and Community Service forms. Also, School Loop deletes all documents from student lockers each summer. Please remember to save your Reflection Window documents in a separate location.
  2. Senior Portfolio has been re-named to the High School Portfolio effective this school year. The purpose for the name change is to emphasize the cumulative nature of the assignment, versus a "senior-specific project". Your High School Portfolio should capture your growth, strength, and future plans and goals from your entire PGHS experience, not simply from your senior year.
  3. All grade levels will be required to submit two Best Work Reflection Windows via Google Forms, instead of two for 9th and 12th graders and four for 10th and 11th graders. Please see the due dates on the individual grade level pages on this site. Due dates are also posted in every classroom.
  4. Six Best Work assignments, each accompanied by a Reflection Window, are now required in your final High School Portfolio which you will submit at the end of your senior year; two representing growth, two representing strengths, and two with a connection to your future plans and goals. At least two of the six must be from the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade and at least two of the six must be academic in nature.